Monday, December 6, 2010

The Time Has Come... RALLY MONKEY!

The time has come to call in the rally monkey once again.  Throughout the last couple weeks, I've tried my best to bring good mojo to Michael.  At the Second Stage of Q School, he was sitting in 58th place, needing to finish in the top 19.  The Rally Monkey made his first appearance on this blog that day because hey, it couldn't hurt.  It worked for the Anaheim Angles baseball team, maybe it would work for Michael. Michael shot 4 under that day and moved up 30 spots.  I posted another Rally Monkey video the next day, and Michael shot up the leaderboard, finishing in 11th place and securing his spot in the Final Stage of Q School.

So the time has come again.  Today is the last day of Q School.  Michael faces one round of golf, possible windy conditions, and a one shot lead on where the cut line currently lies.  Let's all cross our fingers and send good vibes towards Michael today.   By our estimation he's going to need to shoot about 2 under to secure a position in the top 25, earning a PGA tour card  So without further ado, I give you ....

The Rally Monkey
(The Psycho version)

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