About Us

[4777_1161302838424_1403409766_421087_4577293_n.jpg]Name: Randy Roberts
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Position: Technical Manager
Company: Fuscoe Engineering
Bio:  Husband, father, civil engineer, technology geek

When our cousin, Michael Thompson became a professional golfer, we started e-mailng back and forth links to articles we found online about him. We'd scavenge the internet trying to determine where he was playing next and what he was up to. When we found something, we'd send out emails to all our family members with links to the various leaderboards. The emails grew old quick, so we decided to make a centralized location to store all the information we were gathering.  And with that, ThompsonTide.com was born.  Several years have past since then, Michael has moved on from playing on mini-tours to not only making it to the PGA Tour but even becoming a two time PGA Tour Champion.  Since then he's also gotten his own official website MichaelThompsonGolf.com.  Meanwhile our little fan site continues to cover Michael Thompson news with the tenacity of the Golf Channel covering Tiger Woods.  For us this is a hobby, ok... maybe an obsession, but it's become an outlet for us to write down what we discuss when we get together and discuss everything golf related and we're glad you're along for the ride.

Name: Roz Roberts III
Occupation: Computer Engineer
Position: Vice President, Hardware Development
Company: Pico Digital
Bio:  I am a computer engineer - I am NOT a rocket scientist although we do a lot of work with satellites.   I have two great kids, an incredible wife, a dog and a bunch of cats. I am one of the many very proud cousins of Two-Time PGA Tour Champion Michael Thompson (boy do I like the way that sounds).   I've been throwing up blogs on a regular basis and cluttering the Twitter feed with useless chatter. I hope you all like the site and if you have any comments or suggestions please let us know!

Above: Christmas 2009 - Dorado Country Club - Tucson, AZ
(L to R: Michael, his mom Beth, our brother-in-law Oliver, Randy, Roz, Michael's dad Mike - it should be noted that Michael won his first Professional Golf Tournament after this round so we like to think we had something to do with that first win!)