Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Q School Finalist Scott Stallings' Blog

Q School finalist Scott Stallings (T-11) has an interesting blog over at  His latest post talks a little bit about the transition from the Nationwide Tour to the PGA Tour.
"The last two days have been moving at lightning speed. Only hours after walking off the 18th hole, I was already at an orientation dinner for new PGA players. Two more days of orientation followed that. This week I get fitted for all of the clothes I’ll wear next year on tour. I have to find more investors, work out a new budget (my caddy needs a raise), finalize sponsorship contracts, and start making travel plans.
My first PGA tournament in Hawaii starts in a little over a month and I know from playing on the Nationwide tour that the sooner I get all of these business details into place, the smoother the transition will be once I’m back out on the course.
So many things will be different next year: The average purse for a Nationwide tournament was $100,000; on the PGA, it’s $1 million. The average crowd of spectators at a Nationwide tournament is probably 20,000-30,000 people for the week; a PGA tournament can attract more than that on any given day. I knew pretty much every curve, every hole, every bunker of most of the courses on the Nationwide tour; but next year it will be my first time playing almost every course I’ll encounter."

Michael Thompson will be going through a similar transition, except for the fact that he's making an even bigger leap from the Hooters Tour to the PGA.  The Hooters Tour is much smaller than the Nationwide Tour.  You make $30,000 for a win compared to $100,000 on the Nationwide.  Similar to the PGA, The Nationwide Tour events are televised, whereas Hooters Tour events are not.

You can read the rest of his post here.

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