Monday, July 27, 2020

In the Aftermath of Win #2

by Roz Roberts III and Randy Roberts

A day after Michael's second PGA Tour victory, the ThompsonTide guys are still scouring the Internet for all things Michael Thompson and we're posting them here on ThompsonTide.  We added to the "Victory" post over time but we thought it was time to post the newer material in a new post plus we've added some of our own thoughts.

Michael has had the 54 hole lead or share of the lead three times.  In those three events he has two wins and one 3rd place finish.


Michael's friend, college teammate. and one time caddie Matt Hughes appeared on Travis Reier's Southern Fried Sports show on Monday.  You can listen to his interview here.
Matt Hughes on Souther Fried Sports with Travis Reier

From the Archives: Michael Thompson Chose Golf Career On His Own With His Natural Talent

How this pro pulled off ‘the shot of the year’ in golf


We posted this message from Michael in our last post but in case you missed it here it is again...

A few posts from Damian Lopez (Michael's caddie):

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