Friday, July 22, 2011

Week of "Firsts" for Michael Thompson

by Roz Roberts III

It's a week of firsts for Michael Thompson on the PGA Tour.  It's the first time he's made 5 cuts in a row.  It's also the first time he's been on the top of the leaderboard at the end of any round.  Along with those firsts are sure to be ton of media attention and added pressure going into the weekend.  Michael has been wanting to experience the pressure of a lead on the PGA Tour since the beginning of the season.  Now he'll have his chance.

We'll be posting articles of interest from round two in this post so there's a single place to look for links.  Check back over the next 24 hours to see what we've found. 

Round Two Articles:

Click on image to be taken to the original article:

Great article including a photo.

Nice article on Michael and his current tie for first

Post round interview transcript

Michael is in the featured group, one of the players to watch, and on the "Fedexcup Bubble"

Nice article featuring lots of Michael Thompson

Article on the rough at the Canadian Open.  Michael is quoted.

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