Thursday, June 13, 2013

US Open Gets Underway in Fits and Starts

by Roz Roberts III

Bad weather in the Pennsylvania area caused two weather delays during the first round of the US Open at the Merion Golf Club and as a result, half the field will need to finish their rounds tomorrow morning.  Michael Thompson is among those that are still in the middle of their first rounds.  Michael is currently even par after his first 9 holes and he is sitting over a 2 1/2 foot par putt on the par 5 second hole.  Even par has Michael sitting in a tie for 16th.

The first round will continue tomorrow morning at 7:15am ET.  Michael's second round is scheduled to start at 10:29am ET barring additional weather delays.  The forecast for tomorrow calls for higher winds and more rain showers although the rain storms aren't expected to be as severe as today.   The longer term forecast looks better for the weekend.

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