Monday, May 9, 2011

PGA Tour Updates Thompson's Profile

by Roz Roberts III & Randy Roberts
This is a "good news" - "bad news" story.

The "good news" is that after much prodding, the PGA Tour has updated Michael Thompson's profile page on with a photo.

The "bad news" is that unless Michael has changed his appearance drastically in the last couple of days, the photo isn't Michael.

Here's a snaphot of Michael's profile page as of May 9, 2011.  

The PGA Tour has finally found a photo for Michael Thompson's profile page.
The original "picture-less" version of Michael's profile page can be seen in one of our old posts here.

We've also been looking for the PGA Tour to provide a profile picture in the iPOD and Droid versions of the PGA Tour mobile application (the iPad version has it) but as of this post they are still missing.  On the bright side nobody can say that they are wrong.

Update: I've since discovered that the same photo can be found on other rookie's pages.  I checked Scott Stallings and Andres Gonzales and they both had the same photo.  This begs the question: Who's photo is it?

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