Sunday, May 22, 2011

International Man of Mystery No More!

by Randy Roberts

Michael's profile page on the PGA Tour website has finally been updated with a photo.  And get this... it's actually a photo of Michael himself!  It only took 20 weeks into the season, but hey who's counting.  Unfortunately his "Personal" tab is still blank, so there's still some room for improvement.  Early in the season, Roz saw it filled in with his information, but it quickly disappeared.  Hopefully that will return soon.

His clothing sponsor, Vineyard Vines will be happy to know that he's sporting their whale logo in the photo, and his long-time golf club sponsor, Ping is also featured.

For followers of this website you may remember that Michael's photo was once blank, and then several weeks ago was replaced with a photo of a random golfer.

The photo was taken on March 12, 2011 during a practice session at the Puerto Rico Open.  It is part of the Getty Images collection of photos.

Check out the updated profile page here.

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