Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Five Signs You've Made It Onto the PGA Tour

We've been following Michael Thompson's golf career since before he was in college. Immediately following his successful 2010 Q-School, we began noticing small (and not so small) signs that pointed to Michael's elevated status within the golf world. We've been compiling our own little list of "Signs You Know You've Made it Onto the PGA Tour". Our not-so-serious list comes from an "outside-the-ropes" perspective. So without further ado, here is our first (and probably last) Top Five list...

5. A sleeve of golf balls you've signed sells for a minimum of $50.

4. The PGA website lists your name under players and provides your very own player page (see our previous post on 12/17/2010).

Come on PGA, can we get a real photo this week?

3. A Google search for your name with the word PGA returns over 42,000 results.

2. You receive your very own official PGA Player badge

1. The fan site that follows your career has a new masthead that simply refers to you as a "PGA Tour player."

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Sign # 6 "You're shown on the cover of a golfing magazine"
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