Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bridge at Ol' Colony Golf Course To Be Named After Michael Thompson

I received an email thursday from Coach Kevin Campbell of Holy Spirit Catholic High School in Tuscaloosa, AL. He said that he was organizing the construction of a 35' walking bridge at the Ol' Colony Golf Complex that will connect the gold and blue tee boxes on the 14th hole. They were doing the project as a way to thank the golf course for their support of local high school golf programs. What Coach Campbell asked next came as a nice surprise:
"My team would like to honor Michael by naming a soon-to-be constructed bridge after him at Ol' Colony Golf Complex. Because Michael's performance in the 2008 Masters exemplifies the character we're trying to instill in our own golfers and because Ol' Colony was his home course while at the University of Alabama, I would like his permission to place his name on this new bridge".
In true Alabama fashion, Coach Campbell ended his email with:
"Roll Tide!"
They will have 12 golfers, ranging from 7th through 12th grade from three different local schools to help with the construction next weekend: Holy Spirit Catholic High, Tuscaloosa County High and Northridge High

When told about the project, Michael said
"WOW! I know right where they're talking about adding that. It's a par 5 dogleg left. There's a creek or a runoff for water when it rains heavily. Right now you have to walk down and walk back up. I imagine they'll do a pretty good job. It'll make it easier and it will look nicer too."
Michael Thompson played in the 2008 Masters as an amateur, qualifiying by finishing as the runner-up in the 2007 US Amateur. Standing right on the cut-line with only a few holes left to play, Michael called a penalty on himself when the ball moved after he had grounded his club, even though he was the only one who saw it move. The penalty came at a terrible time, and he went on to miss the cut. He received praise from the golf communtiy for his honesty and integrity shown that day.

The response from others about the incident, has been positive.
"After that happened I actually got a lot of mail from professors at Alabama or other schools and pastors at churches, that they used my example in their sermon that weekend. It was really cool."

Construction on the bridge is set to begin January 15th while Michael is playing in his first PGA event after earning his PGA Tour Card.
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