Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Well That Was a Short Break

by Roz Roberts III

After a "lengthy" one week break, the new PGA Tour season starts tomorrow at the Safeway Open.  Michael Thompson will be competing in the Napa Valley tournament.  Hope you all enjoyed your off-season!

Michael gets to start early in the first round when he tees off from the first hole at 7:20am PDT with James Hahn and Sung Kang.  They are the second group off the tee.  Scattered showers are in tomorrow's forecast.

The Safeway Open is the first of eight events before the reshuffle list gets re-ordered.  Michael still has a chance to improve his status beyond the reshuffle category.  Due to his neck injury in June, he has a minor medical extension of two events.  If he can earn 97 FedexCup points in his first two events this year then his priority will increase ahead of the reshuffle category.

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