Thursday, January 26, 2017

Torrey South Is An Exercise in Patience

Michael's office was pretty spectacular today.  Torrey Pines South Course hole #4.

by Roz Roberts III

The South Course at Torrey Pines is a beast.  There's no two ways about it.  It's long.  Really long.  And to make things even worse, today's soft conditions didn't provide any roll on the fairways which made it play even longer.

Michael Thompson and his group played in one of the last groups off the first tee and they played through the windiest part of the day and had to deal with bumpy, crusty greens.  Despite all of the difficulties Michael managed to shoot one under par and played great all day.  

To put Michael's round into perspective, he scored better than all three off the players in the group in front of him:  Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, and Tiger Woods.  Everyone was missing short putts as the greens were rolling so erratically and the ball was bouncing and veering all over the place.  The difficulties meant that you had to stay patient and just roll with the punches.

Tomorrow's round is expected to play even tougher as the wind will be gusting up to 40mph.  Michael and his playing partners Jon Curran and Morgan Hoffman will be playing the North Course tomorrow at 9:40am PT.

Online Links
Michael's Scorecard

Pictures From Round One

Michael Thompson drains his birdie putt on hole #6 on the South Course at Torrey Pines.

Michael Thompson signs autographs after round one at the Farmers Insurance Open.

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