Thursday, February 5, 2015

Torrey Pines Tidbit of the Day

by Roz Roberts III

Due to a two an a half hour fog delay earlier in the day, Michael Thompson and his group were 16 holes through their round when it really started to get dark.  Late afternoon fog wasn't helping either.  They played the short par three 17th hole and quickly moved to the 18th hole tee box.

A course official came up to Michael and his group (J.B Holmes and John Merrick) and asked them if they wanted to start the 18th before he blew the horn signaling the halting of play for darkness.  All three players indicated they wanted to finish.

Since Michael had just birdied the 17th hole he had the honor of teeing off.  He hit his tee shot and then the official blew the horn.  Since a member of the group had hit their tee shot, the entire group had the option of finishing play on that hole which is exactly what they did.

In very low light, all three players went on to birdie the par five 18th and finish their rounds.   A nice win-win to end the day.

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