Sunday, February 23, 2014

Honda Classic Title Defense

The Honda Classic page from the 2014 PGA Tour Media Guide 
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by Roz Roberts III

Michael Thompson will have a very exciting 'first' week:  he will get to defend a title at a PGA Tour event.  This week marks a year since Michael broke through and won his first PGA Tour title at the Honda Classic.  As part of the hoopla we've got a few things you might enjoy this week.

First, the Golf Channel will re-air the final round of last year's Honda Classic Tuesday night at 8pm ET (check your local listings).  For those of you who missed it (Mom - are you listening?!) or those who want to relive the experience, don't forget to watch it live or DVR it Tuesday night!

Also on the Golf Channel on Tuesday, Michael will be on Inside the PGA Tour.  It looks like it might be on at 3:30pm ET, but once again, check your local listings!

Michael shooting Inside the PGA Tour for the Golf Channel (airs Tuesday).  Photo posted by Michael on Instagram.

Second, there should be some video of Michael's press conference later this week as the defending champion.  When it is posted we'll have it here.

And finally, there will probably be plenty of articles that feature Michael as the defending champion.  I've posted two of the better ones I've seen recently below (just click on the picture).  We'll post more as the become available as the week rolls on.

Good overview with quotes from Michael.

Story from the Miami Herald with an interesting tidbit about almost using the wrong ball during the final round of last year's Honda Classic. 

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