Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fear the Beard

Michael has been sporting a full beard during his recent tour in Asia.

by Roz Roberts III

We've gotten several comments/questions on Michael sporting a beard during his current tour through Asia and so far we've neglected to comment.  In case you missed it, it is true - Michael has grown out his beard.  I'm not sure this qualifies as breaking news but it has caused at least a mini-stir in Thompson fan base.

During last year's off-season Michael grew out his beard right up until the 2013 season started and then he shaved it off.  He may be following the same schedule this year or he may decide to go Duck Dynasty/Red Sox Nation mode into the foreseeable future.  Either way, we leave the comments to all you Thompson Tiders out there.  Feel free to send us e-mail or comment on Twitter and Facebook.  Just don't expect us to take sides!

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