Saturday, June 16, 2012

US Open - Round 3

by Randy Roberts and Roz Roberts III

Michael ended up shooting four over par in the third round of the US Open.  He'll be going into the final round T-18th at +5.

The highlight of the day was his hole-out on hole #1.  Roz saw it in person, so I'll let him describe it:
"Michael's birdie on hole #1 was nothing short of remarkable.  His drive off the tee went far left into what looked like a dirt patch beyond a tree line (we were on the other side of the fairway).  The crowd cheered his save out of the native area but he just got back into the fairway and had 100 yards or so left to the hole.  I was up at the hole and his wedge shot landed softly short of the green and just started tracking right into the hole!  It was the most amazing shot I have ever seen live.  The gallery went nuts!!!!  I hope they had it on TV because it was so good that I want to see it again.  It definitely wasn't the way you'd draw up a birdie on that hole in the game plan!"  
They did have it on TV, but it hasn't been available online anywhere, so I uploaded the clip.

Scoring Links
Playtracker (Note: Faster updates than the regular leaderboard.  Works great on iPad)

Tee Times for Final Round
Michael will be teeing off at 1:10 PST and will be paired with David Toms

TV Times
NBC 1:00-7:00 PST Live Video from Holes 8 and 18: 1:00-7:00 PST

** Bonus ***
I found this interview on youtube which was done thursday night. It's a pretty good interview and worth watching.


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