Thursday, August 25, 2011

Round One Weather Delay Just the Beginning?

Michael Thompson watches his second shot on the par five 16th hole during his first round at the Barclays.
by Roz Roberts III

Round one of the Barclays experienced a three hour weather delay during the morning.  If hurricane Irene doesn't change course soon, that may just be a warm up.  Many players who teed off in the afternoon were unable to complete their rounds before darkness put an end to golf for the day.  Michael Thompson was able to get through 13 holes before the horn blew.  He currently sits at even par and will continue his round from the par five fifth hole at 7:15am ET.  Michael hasn't seen red numbers yet but every time he's had a bogey to get to one over par, he's followed the bogey with a birdie to get back to even.  Through the first 13 holes, Michael's had three bogeys and three birdies (two of them in bounce-back fashion which is defined as a birdie immediately following an over par hole).

For Michael, and anyone else ranked #101 or higher, the stakes for making the cut are clear - make the cut or your playoff season has ended.  Right now, Michael sits one shot outside the cut but with 23 holes to go he's got plenty of time to make a move.

After Michael finishes his first round he won't have much of a break before his second round gets underway at 9:13am ET.

Video Coverage
In addition to traditional television coverage, the PGA Tour's website will be streaming live video coverage from the Barclays.

Live@ Streaming Schedule

Live@ Channel     11:00am - 6:00pm ET for all four rounds

Traditional Video Schedule:

Day    Date    Network    Time
FRI    8/26    GOLF    3 - 6 PM ET
SAT    8/27    GOLF    1 - 2:30 PM ET
SAT    8/27    CBS    3 - 6 PM ET
SUN    8/28    GOLF    12 - 1:30 PM ET
SUN    8/28    CBS    2 - 6 PM ET

Expected Weather
As hurricane Irene gets closer to the East Coast, the more dire the predictions for Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday.   The PGA had quietly been preparing players to stay through Tuesday as play may not be possible on Sunday or Monday.

Friday's Forecast

Mostly Sunny

High:   86°
Chance of Rain:  10%
Wind:  ENE at 5 mph
Mostly sunny skies. Winds light and variable.

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